Rogoznica, calm and warm Mediterranean town on the outskirts of northern Dalmatia. It stretches 50 km along the coast and is an ideal place to relax with family and friends. Rado was visited by boaters because it is known as one of the most beautiful and safest ports. Beaches in Rogoznica gravel, and a little rock, and each village hidden beaches in the numerous small bays. Rogoznica is known for a wide range of entertainment and cultural events organized by the Tourist Board, this is the time when the streets special atmosphere.

Tourism – Various beaches in Rogoznica provide the option of choosing the most demanding and they can find their own piece. Rogoznica has 6,500 beds in private accommodation and a sufficient number of restaurants that can satisfy the tastes of every guest, especially fish lovers specijaliteta.Turizam Rogoznica has a very long tradition in existence since the 1870th year. That same year, foreign guests have found Rogoznica as a desirable tourist destination and has opened the first hotel Lušić-Ranks, called Rogoznica. The then majority of guests were from Austria, the Czech Republic and Italy.

Lake “Zmajevo oko” is a unique phenomenon of hydro-eastern coast of the Adriatic, where the specific physico-chemical properties developed distinctive flora and fauna.Located on a peninsula Gradina, with a thin coating that separates the bay Solineu Koprišće. It is surrounded by sheer cliffs, High 4-24 meters. Lake area is about 5300 m2, and the biggest measured depth is 15 meters.
lake has no visible surface connections with the surrounding sea, but it is clearly of mediolittoral stairs, it proves to be in the lake feel the tides, and that there is a modification of lake and sea water through cracks and channels in the porous limestone. A unique and special environment of the Dragon eye, with thick bottom layer of hydrogen sulphide, in recent years zaineteresirao numerous domestic and foreign scientists, and because meromiktičkih and conditions anoksičkih lake salt water compared to the Black Sea, Framvaren fjord in Norway or crater lake Pavin in France.
During century is going to the lake, “boil”, or as the scientists say, that there is a rollover of the water column. With this unusual natural phenomenon local population is spinning legend. One of them is the story of the brothers, one of whom was blind. Sharing the legacy healthy brother tricked the blind, and this he cursed him: “If you are not fairly distributed, let it all turns into a lake.” And so it was. However, in the lake that sometimes château and key, lived and dragon. This Rogoznica dragon, says local tradition, was merciless – payments from the bloody toll, each year taking the most beautifully girl and fattest sheep. There is another story. Dragon Murin, the illegitimate son of Hera and Poseidon, from his palace on the island of Great Smokvica ruled polis Herakleja.Protects the inhabitants from invaders and robbers, and they to him every year, on the longest day, had to give most beautifully girl for a wife. No unfortunate not survive the wedding night. Legend has it that one day, the winged horse Pegasus, a hero appeared Aristoles grandson Jason Argonauts. Fell in love with a girl who is supposed to be tomorrow bride cruel dragon. The young hero is challenged to a duel, and the dragon with a spear, who with the help of Hephaestus and lunar dust forged a powerful goddess Athena, mortally wounded beast. Dying, Murin’s claws dug their own eyes. One eye went far beyond the island of Mljet, and the other had just slipped I feet and melted rock. The stone recess was flooded with sea and lake was formed, meaningful names Dragon’s Eye