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The gastronomic offer includes an abundance of restaurants and taverns that offer superb local specialties. Discover the special atmosphere of stone walls and houses, with traditional Dalmatian dishes.
Culinary skills and warm service in a pleasant Mediterranean atmosphere of our restaurants and taverns promises a supreme gastronomic enjoyment of local specialties prepared from ecologically healthy food from small gardens, freshly caught fish, shellfish and various dishes from the grill and under “peke”.

Šarićevi Dvori:

The first things that springs to mind at the mention of Dalmatia is its seaside, which epitomizes this southern part of the Croatian region which, within its coves, hides some of the world’s most beautiful cities. Among these is Primošten, undoubtedly one of the most unique and recognizable holiday destinations in Dalmatia. However, much of the beauty and potential of Primošten’s hinterland still remains undiscovered. One such secret oasis is the famous culinary spot – Šarić Courts, which also serves as the ideal starting point from which to embark on trips to discover Dalmatia’s sensual beauty.

Šarić Courts serve to exemplify agritourism and the renovation of old stone cottages which have been rejuvenated by the Šarić family, thus returning to their chambers the scent of Dalmatian herbs, ancient recipes and traditional Dalmatian dishes which perfectly accompany the famed Babić wines, also from Primošten and protected by UNESCO.
Autochthonous dishes prepared in accordance with grandma’s recipes are just part of the enjoyment the Šarić family’s stone courts have to offer. All dishes are prepared traditionally, so as to preserve the authenticity of Mediterranean cuisine. Not more than 4 kilometers from Primošten’s beaches, seething asphalt and marine recreation, you can enjoy agritourism with all its specificities and advantages, which particularly relate to the beauty of the ambience, the quality of the food and the hospitality of the hosts, all of which will mesmerize you. You will undoubtedly wear a smile on your face for long after you have left Šarić Courts.


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Baćulovi Dvori:
The estate of Baćulov dvor situated in Draga, one of the small villages of Primošten Burnji, is a unique example of a folk philosophy of living in harmony with natural and cultural surroundings. While at the same time enchanted the visitors will also find their peace of mind there, as well as discover essential strength and beauty of nature.

Walking through vineyards, olive-groves and stone – paved streets of inhabited villages of Primošten Burnji and Južni, where everyday life is unthinkable without donkeys and mules, one can best experience all the attractions of rural Dalmatian hinterland, where lifestyle remained unchanged throughout centuries.

Only couple of kilometers away from beautiful seashores, in craggy hinterland of middle Adriatic there lies hidden a group of around twenty scattered idyllic stone villages of Primošten Burnji and Primošten Južni. Resembling pearls on a string they are situated around the well of Bojana – source of life for this area. These villages are surrounded by fields on which for centuries hard-working peasants with their blistered hands tilled this scarce land despite of rocky ground and grew wine grapes olives, figs, almonds… Today there are more houses than people here and quiet stone-paved streets yearn for young people that are almost completely gone from here. It seems that time stopped and remained captured in treetops of centuries-old olives leaving this land untouched, while sleeping in sultry haze of drywalls and dazzling red soil in the harmonious coexistence of man and nature

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